The Upscale Experience

Lido 84

Gardone Riviera – Italy

Experience a piece of Italian finest food by dining at the « Lido 84 ». The Chef and owner Riccardo Camanini opened it two years ago but it took to him just one year to get one Michelin Star.

I love this place mostly for one reason: seasons are everything to this Chef. He has such a strong knowledge of raw materials to put many of his colleagues into a true embarrassment.

When I first went to this place I made a reservation on the phone directly with Riccardo which surprised me with a: « no problem at all if you are vegan. I have many fresh raw materials and I will be able for tonight to arrange couple of proposals for you ».

And it is exactly what he did: white asparagus with almond milk sauce, chickpeas cream with toasted nuts, risotto stuffed with « pistachio oil » (that he produces) and many fresh herbs (reared and grown on site). The bread, which is freshly baked and has a particular preparation, is not to be missed. At the « Lido 84 » they will spoil you also with specific attentions on the amuse-bouche and wines.

I didn’t describe the location yet because I wanted to leave it for a glorious ending. This restaurant boasts a bewitching position on the lake. So imagine yourself sampling one dish after the other overlooking the moonlight reflection on Lake Garda water.

A dazzling trip into what I expect the upscale vegan food experience to be.


ph. credit: Restaurant web site


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