There is no hospitality like understanding

"Make your hotel more accessible to the extraordinary audience of more sensitive guests."

Vegan Set supports hotels and hotel groups in designing services dedicated to the new ethical, sustainable and health sensitivities of the guests. We help them to take the existing plant-based offering to the next level or to create it from scratch, in full respect of the style of the house and of the luxury hospitality standards.

Vegan Luxury

Why Vegan?

The vegan cuisine is not a trend anymore. It is a consolidate reality. The guests demand for cruelty-tree gourmet experiences. Veganism is not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle that is increasingly influencing the choices vegan tourists make in terms of the destinations they visit and hotels they stay in.

Vegan Travel

Vegan Luxury

Veganism is not just a diet, it is a lifestyle which is increasingly influencing the choices of vegan tourists in terms of the destinations they visit and the hotels they stay in. Vegan luxury travel is blooming all over the world and food is arguably the biggest incentive for travelers, but it's not the only one.

Vegan Luxury

Why Vegan Set?

With a professional background of over 18 years in the world of hôtellerie and a network of the most talented chefs and plant-based suppliers, Vegan Set sets the stage for hospitality that is more attentive to new food sensitivities. Make the integration of services dedicated to the Vegan clientele and related processes easy and fast with Vegan Set's support.




The Art of Luxury Vegan Traveling

Luxury Vegan Concierge by Vegan Set offers high-quality tailored luxury concierge services to privates and companies. We know how challenging it is to travel as vegans, especially if your standards are very high, and our goal is to add value to your life by taking care of some annoying tasks. Thanks to our professional skills and our international network we can support you in enjoying the most exclusive vegan experiences worldwide.



  • Therasia Resort Sea & Spa
    Last June an incredible restaurant was opened at Therasia Resort Sea & Spa on the island of Vulcano. It is called I Tenerumi, a word coming from the native dialect that refers to the velvety and succulent leaves of a Sicilian typical courgette. Managed by four people in the kitchen, as many as in the […]
  • AERA
    AERA: a luxury and responsible fashion brand, that produces craftmanship vegan shoes in Italy. AERA respects the environment and the animals, without sacrificing style The post AERA appeared first on VEGAN SET.
  • Botania Relais & Spa
    Last year Botania Relais & Spa encountered a season full of novelties, starting with the opening of Ischia’s first vegetarian restaurant, “Il Mirto”, which since then has aimed rightly high, chasing the first star. Led by the new Executive Chef Tommaso Luongo, this marvellous venue blends aesthetics and flavour for an amazing gourmet experience. The […]
  • Vegan Umami Potions
    From the ancient Roman times to today’s vegan umami potions. There is an interesting new trend coming out which is the one of umami concentrates created by the greatest of international gastronomy with secret formulas. Noma has realized its SMOKED MUSHROOM GARUM. Garum is a fermented fish-based sauce very common in ancient Roman times and […]
  • La Chassagnette
    Just 12 kilometers south of Arles, La Chassagnette is nestled into a secluded area of an ancient sheepfold, transformed into an eco-friendly contemporary farmhouse and a gourmet restaurant. Three hectares of vegetable gardens, greenhouses, beehives, orchards and a breathtaking terrace covered by an arbour: new things have been developed over the last years keeping the […]
  • Rivoli
    Rivoli Genève is a luxury skincare brand that believes in sustainability and skin-friendliness. Thanks to the exclusive use of vegetal and biosynthetic ingredients combined with a unique cutting-edge biotechnology, it offers to a discerning clientele a niche product range The post Rivoli appeared first on VEGAN SET.