133 Vegan friendly Restaurant

133 Sushi Club

133 Vegan friendly Restaurant – Located in the “playground” area of Lake Garda, filled with Clubs, fancy cars and cool people, this terrific Restaurant is the creative invention of the owner Roberta. 

To satisfy the picky audience of locals and tourists she designed 133, which is not just a Restaurant: all in a deep pink and all about Art, Music and Fun. You can enjoy, every time you go, a different setting of amazing contemporary Art together with occasionally DJ sets.

The Team, captained by Matteo (you will fall in love with him), has just a goal: make you have a good time. 

They have been offering Vegan options for years now. It’s always a tough moment when you have to decide what to order. It’s all sensationally cooked and displayed. The Tofu salad (a slice of seared tofu on spinach with cashew sauce) and the rolls (with seitan, tofu, seeds and much much more) are not to be missed.

Vegan is fun at 133.


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