50% Dandy 50% Vegan

Good Food Veg

Bergamo – Italy

Mirko Ronzoni, Hell’s Kitchen Italia‘s winner, has no doubts and is betting everything on the Vegan wave.

Style addicted, this food virtuoso, just opened a concept that anticipates  the times, especially for a small town like Bergamo. The love for raw materials and culinary ‘dandyism’ are the ingredients of ‘Good Food Veg‘. 

An open space where Mirko realizes traditionals dishes in a Vegan variant with a rigorous attention to seasons and organic proveniences. 

Good Food Veg is 2.0 because you can order your Vegan food on their app. For a dinner with friends, for a lunch at the office finally healthy …  or for a Romantic and cruelty-free tête-à-tête.

Mirko Ronzoni’s cuisine is a magnificent option not just for Vegans but for all those interested in tasting new culinary harmonies.

This time, notwithstanding Carlo Cracco and Gordon Ramsey, Hell’s Kitchen created an angel.

Vegan Set with Mirko Ronzoni


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