Founder of Vegan Set

Biography of the Founder

Verde Camilla Parmigiani, Owner and Founder of Vegan Set, is a Vegan Luxury Specialist. She created Vegan Set in 2016 with the aim of showing that a vegan lifestyle can be synonymous with luxury. She helps hotels in creating successful plant-based experiences and support luxury vegan brands in promoting their values. She has always been very sensitive to everything related to animals and nature in general. They are an integral part of our existence and their respect, not only doesn't take anything away from our life, but gives it a better, healthier and more balanced dimension. She attended the course of Foreign Languages and Cultures for Tourism Management at the University of Verona and she worked in the hotel industry for many years as a 'Sales and Marketing Manager', 'Assistant General Manager' and 'Deputy Director'. Having 100% plant-based experiences to offer to their customers is a strategic choice for hotels and hotel groups and she realized that there was a lack of expertise and skills in the hotel industry about this matter. Through her Vegan Set she now helps them to design services dedicated to guests with new sensitivities, but at the same time appealing for everybody. It is about taking the existing plant-based offering to the next level or or to create it from the scratch, in full respect of the style of the house and of the luxury hospitality standards. With a professional background of over 18 years in the world of hôtellerie and a network of the most talented chefs and plant-based producers, Vegan Set sets the stage for hospitality that is more attentive to new food sensitivities and leads the way toward a more vegan friendly hospitality.

Vegan Set leads the way toward a more vegan friendly hospitality