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I am Verde Camilla Parmigiani and I am a Vegan Luxury Specialist.

I created Vegan Set in 2016 with the aim of showing that a vegan lifestyle can be synonymous with luxury. I help hotels in creating successful plant-based experiences and support luxury vegan brands in promoting their values.

I have always been very sensitive to everything related to animals and nature in general. They are an integral part of our existence and their respect, not only doesn’t take anything away from our life, but gives it a better, healthier and more balanced dimension.

My story

was born on Lake Como and raised in Brescia.

I attended the course of Foreign Languages and Cultures for Tourism Management at the University of Verona and I worked in the hotel industry for many years as a ‘Sales and Marketing Manager’, ‘Assistant General Manager’ and ‘Deputy Director’.

I have been a vegetarian since I was 17 years old and for about 5 years I have adopted a totally vegetable based diet. I am very happy with my choice that allows me a lifestyle consistent with my values of respect for nature and animals, as well as undeniable physical benefits.

How Vegan Set was born

Vegan Set was born on a trip to Miami. As a vegan I struggled to find hotels and restaurants that could provide vegan options that could meet my vegan gourmet needs. Of course, the problem wasn’t just about me.

So I delighted in creating an online guide to the best vegan friendly hotels and restaurants.

Then the project expanded and now, thanks to my experience in the sector, I help hotels in creating unique plant-based experiences and I am the spokespersons for the best brands that combine luxury and cruelty free.

"It's inspiring to know the days when restaurants served an uninspired plate of steamed broccoli and cherry tomatoes to vegan customers are coming to an end" Michel Nischan



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