Anaîs Galpin

Anaïs Galpin

Anaïs Galpin definitively has the gift. Born and raised in France she was supposed to be a lawyer right now. But she preferred to follow the road that the heart had drawn for her, and we are all thankful for that!

From the memories of her childhood in France to her new world made of sweet things. Her story is the story of the brave challenge to make butter, pâte sucrée, pastry cream, meringue and whipped cream more delicious then ever … and vegan. The classics of the finest pastry in the world without eggs, dairy or other animal products.

She didn’t rely just on her talent but she has being working hard to improve her skills and realize what is she capable of today: the finest French pastry on a plant based version.

What would you say to those who think that the pastry can be just traditional and not plant based? Come and eat my pastries!

She masterfully melts the French flair with the cleanest Nordic style realizing a sophisticated and complex but yet harmonious serie of unbelievable desserts. A matter of class for sure. But being into the vegan cuisine because of her ethic, is what makes her work so deeply genuine and true.

Anaïs already boasts important cooperations as the launch of Maison La Duréee in Beverly Hills with Matthew Kenney. For the project they had the important Maison La Duréee brand, they had the solid plant based touch of Matthew Kenney but they needed someone able to translate the classics of the French pastry into the, not fully encoded yet, plant based language.

And you know what makes me think that Anaîs is that great? Because when you meet her work you have that feeling that vegan pastry should have always been that way. She is designing a new era of pastry. An era made of clean tastes, beautiful shapes, surprising combinations and a compassionate soul.

I asked her what she considers as signature piece and she said ‘very classical strawberry tartlet’. It is where she started from. A dessert that tastes of heaven. 


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