Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita

Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita

Plant-based friendly
Punta Mita, Bahía de banderas – Mexico


Open your soul to the heart of Mexico and live a breathtaking luxury experience fully accommodating to the vegan lifestyle. This iconic Resort, located on 400 scenic acres on the southwest point of the Riviera Nayarit region, will offer you the most incredible Four Seasons feeling with vegan delights.

The breathtaking blue vistas of the Pacific Ocean, the authentic Mexican-style casitas, and the lushness of the surrounding nature, in addition to an extensive variety of plant-based options, truly makes Punta Mita so special. The Four Seasons is already revered for its exceptional level of service, but the Punta Mita Resort enhances this level of luxury through the added natural experience they provide to their guests.

Not just great facilities, expansive spaces, typical Four Seasons world class service and charm; but when it comes to the Dining experience, total delight will happen thanks to the three alfresco restaurants with ocean views and vegan options. Led by executive chef Jorge González, the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita’s culinary program offers distinct culinary creations infused with unrivaled Four Seasons luxury and peppered with an authentic taste of rural Mexico.

Aramara, Bahía and Dos Catrinas are the names of the three Restaurants available here. Casual elegance, relaxed atmosphere and contemporary Mexican design. You pick according to the mood of the day or indeed the moment.

Whether relaxing with a drink at a pool lounge or savoring one of the signature dishes, guests are guaranteed culinary vegan pleasures. Californian celebrity Chef Leslie Durso has created for all restaurants outstanding plant based dining options boasting fresh local ingredients with an Asian twist.

Avocado, cucumber, tofu, tapioca, radishes … the plant-based plates are truly a treat. At Aramara there is also a whole ‘harvest’ section within the mains. Leslie Durso is a Southern California native with Italian origins which led her to have the inspiration for simplicity coupled with tantalizing tastes. She lets the ingredients speak for themselves. Leslie’s signature dish is the ‘Portobello Zarandeado style’ which is Achiote and citrus marinated, avocado, chayote slaw, flour tortillas with vegan mayonnaise. Delicious!

But the dish I still dream of at night is the “Fried Heart of Palm Rings”. Imagine tasting these light, crispy rings of deliciousness while sipping a refreshing sangria or even Punta Mita’s signature smoky Mezcal cocktail infused with watermelon and chilies, all amidst the simple soundtrack of the ocean’s waves.

Welcome to Paradise. Yes, for vegans too.



Damian Piedrahita

Damian Piedrahita and his plant-based bliss
The Chef that put a new culinary order on the table

He comes from Uruguay and he cooks without animal proteins. He has refused important cooperations not because of his ambition. In a world where people compromise on a daily basis just to have success he has something different in mind. His big picture is more important than some highlights on the newspapers or the critic support.

His dream is a new culinary order, fair with the animals and that can make people happy without regretting the tired and repetitive traditional cuisine. To have fun crossing tastes and consistences of an exclusively plant based alphabet is his trademark.

Imagination and creativity are the funding elements of a good contemporary cuisine such as technique and culture. Damian has all these elements. Behind each one of his creations there are, in a sophisticated twist, the complexities of the gourmet cuisine and a poetic design.

Such an honor to interview him.



What makes you passionate about the plant based cuisine?

Many things. Every day I live my job by performing cuisine as an art form and as a channel to communicate. My cuisine is a sensorial link within who create it and who is tasting.

And it is so charming as, with a dish, you can join the five senses of a person in a very intimate way. From this point of view to cook is to communicate and the alphabet offered by the plant based world is limitless. My passion is about crossing all the elements I have with the best techniques and know-how acquired through the years as well as to keep on experimenting and testing. I am looking for new shades, consistences, aromas and results that can stimulate the mind.

When did you decide to become a Chef?

I haven’t decided yet (laugh).

Seriously talking I think that my decision comes more from small daily choises. For sure to quit a safe job to bet everything on my idea of a new culinary order without animal proteins has been the first big step.

Who inspires you?

I don’t have someone who inspires me in particular. I find inspiration into music, literature, movies, graphic design and technology. Overall something that really excite me is to meet dreamers and passionate people.

Why did you decide to remove animal proteins from your menu and not to cook them?

It’s all about ethic, politics and social responsibility. Today, in 2018, someone still think that a black person shouldn’t sit next to a white person. Today, still, someone think that women shouldn’t vote and have some kind of jobs created for men. Others think that homosexuality is a desease (in some country there is death penalty for it). For most part of the people living beings that aren’t part of human specie are on a lower level and so they can be exploited, tortured and killed just to amuse our palate or our fashion whims.

I am a lucky man. I have been raised with strong values and education that allow me to have a deep respect for diversity.

Animals are into my diversity idea and not to eat them it’s not about a diet. It is a strong political act in order to stop supporting a legalized injustice.

Not to cook them grant me a great harmony with my job and allow me to show, in a smart way, how good you can eat. By taking animals off the menu I support their rights.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to build a culinary culture without animal proteins that is serious, lasting and attracting for the future generations.

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