The best vegan chefs 

The best vegan chefs according to Vegan Set – Vegan Set is not just about Vegan Restaurants but also about Hotels and Restaurants that offer Vegan options. I love when non Vegan Chefs put their knowledge and fantasy to create something new and out from their routine. But my heart goes to Vegan Chefs. Visionaries and Artist with full respect for all living beings and dreaming of a better world.

Enjoy the best vegan chefs worldwide.


Hotel Staff training and coaching

Adapting to guests' new sensitivities is an integral part of a centered and professional service. Therefore, opening up the skills of your professionals to unconventional lifestyles will guarantee your guests a genuine sense of welcome. We will convey to your team, not only technical informations about the characteristics of specific lifestyles, but also an overall vision of the expectations and needs of these guests. Act on emotions, ensuring a concrete response to your guests' needs.Your Vegan Hospitality Coaching HEAD OF DEPARTEMENT The coaching activity has the goal to support the Management Team in creating a culture and new standards dedicated to the unconventional lifestyles of the guests. HOTEL TEAM The goal of the training is to provide staff with specific expertise on veganism and lifestyles that require dedicated attention (vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, plant-based). After the training, the staff will be able to provide qualified and motivated service in full compliance with the Hotel's signature. EXPERIENCES Support in creating personalized experiences. Care in defining dishes, products and best practices will be able to cover the guest's entire stay, from their arrival until their departure thanks to a careful study of all touch points. {{ vc_btn: title=Contact+us+to+know+more&align=center& }} Guide to the Vegan Experience   With the consultation will be provided an introductory handbook with all the basic elements to approach the vegan topic (Glossary, Why Vegan, Nutritional foundations, Controversial foods, Management of ingredients Contamination, Transparency and certifications, Best practices, Recommended reading. In the kitchen: The main substitutes, Vegetable proteins, Tofu, Seitan, Tempeh, Mopur, Vegetable ‘meat’, Gluten, Algae, Umami, Vegetable milks, The essentials, Vegetable pastry, Gourmet vegetable gastronomy, Equipment, The scraps, Table of additives E , Table of animal derivatives). Portfolio and Reviews "The training was conducted with a truly exceptional level of professionalism and competence. The trainer demonstrated a profound knowledge not only of vegan gastronomy, but also of the different lifestyle needs and sensitivities of our guests.".   Take a look to our portfolio and reviews Let's have a virtual coffee together to discuss how your Staff is managing 'unconventional' lifestyles and how you can improve the experience of your guests.   Book your virtual coffee {{ vc_btn: title=TAKE+A+LOOK+TO+ALL+SERVICES&align=center& }}

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