vegan friendly Milan

Carlo and Camilla in Segheria

Carlo and Camilla in Segheria

Vegan friendly

Carlo e Camilla in segheria, not far from the Navigli district in Milan, is the most surprising place ever. Created from a sawmill factory since 1929, hidden by an anonymous gate, this restaurant is a true jewel. Realized from an industrial hangar, floors and ceilings has been left as they were, but then … wooden tables, luxurious chandeliers and the most refined Richard Ginori’s potteries.

A perfectly balanced fusion of cold grey spaces and warm and romantic furnitures: you will feel like being part of a play, on the stage of a beautiful moment in life.

You will feel like being part of a play.

And here it comes the food. They prefer you to mention in advance you are vegan so that, Luca Pedata, the Chef, can surprise you properly with the most incredible Vegan dinner of your life.

His creations are complex but easy in taste: grace and consistency. The way he works vegetables is just perfect and raw materials he uses are amazing.

A triumph of taste the ‘Camil salad’: a mix of differently cooked vegetables with a pistachio sauce.

 A kind and attentive service makes this place unique.

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