Vegan and vegetarian cookbooks

Vegan and Vegetarian cookbooks. The best according to Vegan Set.

I love reading and I have a wide collection of books. But few of them make me emotional such as vegan cookbooks (and vegetarian of course).  In particular I love those realized by great chefs with a vision and professional foodies. You can gen great inspiration from them and I am so happy to share with you my favorites. Not just books but those that make you library special, those to leaf through any time. Matthew Kenney, Pietro Leemann, Timothy Pakron, a sprinkling of France and a gem about fashion. Enjoy reading!


Simone Salvini


Profondo conoscitore della cucina vegetariana, vegana e ayurvedica, Simone Salvini, già capo chef del ristorante Joia di Pietro Leemann a Milano, ha collaborato con l'Associazione Vegetariani Italiana e l'Istituto Europeo di Oncologia.

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Pietro Leemann


Nel 1989 Pietro Leemann, assieme a un gruppo di amici e a Nicla Nardi, apre il ristorante Joia. L'intento, già dagli inizi, è proporre una cucina vegetariana che, oltre alle prerogative di benessere che la contraddistinguono, abbia anche una connotazione legata al piacere della buona tavola.

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vegetarian London


'To us, the fact our cooking is vegetarian is incidental - we just like to eat good food. We love to reinvent classic dishes, create new flavour combinations, source unusual ingredients and occasionally we use a microwave because well, why not?'

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Vegan New Orleans


Inspired by the landscape and flavors of his childhood on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Timothy Pakron found his heart, soul, and calling in cooking the Cajun, Creole, and southern classics of his youth. In his debut cookbook, he shares 125 plant-based recipes, all of which substitute ingredients without sacrificing depth of flavor and reveal the secret tradition of veganism in southern cooking.

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Linda Long


Unlike any other cookbook, Great Chefs Cook Vegan includes recipes from 25 of today's greatest chefs, including Thomas Keller, Jean-George Vongerichten, Eric Ripert, Charlie Trotter, and many other James Beard award-winning chefs. Each chef section includes a three or four-course vegan meal, complete with mouth-watering photographs of each recipe and much more.

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Tal Ronnen


Reinventing plant-based eating is what Tal Ronnen is all about. At his Los Angeles restaurant, Crossroads, the menu is vegan, but there are no soybeans or bland seitan to be found. He and his executive chef, Scot Jones, turn seasonal vegetables, beans, nuts, and grains into sophisticated Mediterranean fare—think warm bowls of tomato-sauced pappardelle, plates of spicy carrot salad, and crunchy flatbreads piled high with roasted vegetables.

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Vegan french


Avec 60 recettes simples et raffinées, à la fois festives et végétales, nos trois auteurs unissent leurs talents pour rendre accessible une cuisine plaisir, respectueuse de l'environnement et bonne pour la santé. Barbecue de légumes d'été, latte de potiron, céleri-rave à la cuillère et condiment cacahuète, yaourt d'amande ou cake aux oranges sanguines sans gluten : ce livre deviendra incontournable pour la préparation de vos grandes tablées aux quatre saisons, pour toutes les occasions !

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Jamie Oliver


Veg: Easy & Delicious Meals for Everyone. From simple suppers and family favourites, to weekend dishes for sharing with friends, this book is packed full of phenomenal food - pure and simple. Whether it's embracing a meat-free day or two each week, living a vegetarian lifestyle, or just wanting to try some brilliant new flavour combinations, this book ticks all the boxes.

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Matthew Kenney


The Matthew Kenney team, always on the forefront of culinary innovation, offers up their latest techniques and approaches to raw food dining. This cookbook guides you to prepare raw foods in a contemporary, artistic manner utilizing the best ingredients. The recipes are grouped by method: found, let, sprouted, spun, dried, smoked, sealed, cured, pressed, fermented, aged, sweetened, blended, and juiced, and make soups, salads, cheeses, main courses, desserts, and drinks ..

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Damian Piedrahita

Damian Piedrahita and his plant-based bliss
The Chef that put a new culinary order on the table

He comes from Uruguay and he cooks without animal proteins. He has refused important cooperations not because of his ambition. In a world where people compromise on a daily basis just to have success he has something different in mind. His big picture is more important than some highlights on the newspapers or the critic support.

His dream is a new culinary order, fair with the animals and that can make people happy without regretting the tired and repetitive traditional cuisine. To have fun crossing tastes and consistences of an exclusively plant based alphabet is his trademark.

Imagination and creativity are the funding elements of a good contemporary cuisine such as technique and culture. Damian has all these elements. Behind each one of his creations there are, in a sophisticated twist, the complexities of the gourmet cuisine and a poetic design.

Such an honor to interview him.



What makes you passionate about the plant based cuisine?

Many things. Every day I live my job by performing cuisine as an art form and as a channel to communicate. My cuisine is a sensorial link within who create it and who is tasting.

And it is so charming as, with a dish, you can join the five senses of a person in a very intimate way. From this point of view to cook is to communicate and the alphabet offered by the plant based world is limitless. My passion is about crossing all the elements I have with the best techniques and know-how acquired through the years as well as to keep on experimenting and testing. I am looking for new shades, consistences, aromas and results that can stimulate the mind.

When did you decide to become a Chef?

I haven’t decided yet (laugh).

Seriously talking I think that my decision comes more from small daily choises. For sure to quit a safe job to bet everything on my idea of a new culinary order without animal proteins has been the first big step.

Who inspires you?

I don’t have someone who inspires me in particular. I find inspiration into music, literature, movies, graphic design and technology. Overall something that really excite me is to meet dreamers and passionate people.

Why did you decide to remove animal proteins from your menu and not to cook them?

It’s all about ethic, politics and social responsibility. Today, in 2018, someone still think that a black person shouldn’t sit next to a white person. Today, still, someone think that women shouldn’t vote and have some kind of jobs created for men. Others think that homosexuality is a desease (in some country there is death penalty for it). For most part of the people living beings that aren’t part of human specie are on a lower level and so they can be exploited, tortured and killed just to amuse our palate or our fashion whims.

I am a lucky man. I have been raised with strong values and education that allow me to have a deep respect for diversity.

Animals are into my diversity idea and not to eat them it’s not about a diet. It is a strong political act in order to stop supporting a legalized injustice.

Not to cook them grant me a great harmony with my job and allow me to show, in a smart way, how good you can eat. By taking animals off the menu I support their rights.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to build a culinary culture without animal proteins that is serious, lasting and attracting for the future generations.

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