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The peninsula that the Italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio, in his notebooks, defined as ‘a brown silk stocking’ is the setting in which Monica Paterlini and Roberto Inga dreamed and created Damapreziosa. It is in fact in Sirmione, a splendid location on the Italia Lake called Garda, that this new authentic and sustainable Made in Italy brand is born.

Damapreziosa, jeweled sandals in a cruelty-free key, are a luxurious blend of elegance, craftsmanship and the most contemporary values ​​of sustainability. Florence, Portofino, Rome, Taormina, Venice, Bellagio. These are the names of the models currently available. Names that evoke the cult places of Italy and embody all their beauty.

Forget the prevailing minimalism. These jeweled sandals are pure opulence in a glamorous key.

The result of intense research and design, all on the edge of Monica and Roberto’s personal stylistic code, Damapreziosa sandals are made not only by banning raw materials of animal origin, but also by ensuring the sustainability of the alternatives used. Manufactures made in a totally sustainable way; then off to eco-leather of vegetable origin, water-based glues and recycled materials. Specifically, raw materials of vegetable origin not removed from human nutrition and produced for 70% with renewable energy sources.

The rigor of the design guarantees durability over time; all in full compliance with the canons of high Italian footwear manufacturing with for example the shiny accessories made entirely by hand. A project that is therefore not limited to a cruelty-free label but that wants to recognize the right nobility to vegan and eco-sustainable. Almost a gauntlet to the dogmas of classic fashion.

Sinuous intertwining of gold and stones. Hints of emerald and ruby. Forget the prevailing minimalism. These jeweled sandals are pure opulence in a glamorous key. But they are also tangible proof that ecological, cruelty-free and luxurious is possible.

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Every choice we make has an impact on the future of our planet and can save the lives of millions of animals.

Like me, you can choose to wear cruelty-free footwear without giving up fashion, luxury and made in Italy.

Together we can make the world a better place.



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