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December 2020


Dreaming of the perfect pairing

I am sure that for this month you would have expected a very rich and consistent combination. Maybe a soup and a full-bodied red. Instead I decided to surprise you with a dish of unique grace and a wine that is silk.

The plate was created by Raw Radish, that is Simone and Federica, a duo that has made structured simplicity its stylistic code. It is a completely vegetable reinterpretation of foie gras. They describe it like this: Even the ugliest things can be changed to make them better. Starting from the classic French dish based on goose liver, we created “Gold”, a dish based on free-range lentils served with a cruelty free saffron jelly and a sun-drenched dried apricot sauce … “

The wine I paired with this dish with reflects the light and gold present in it. Batàr is an extraordinary white in the land of reds. A wine that tells the sensitive soul of Tuscany, making the best Chardonnay and Pinot Bianco of Querciabella grapes vibrant and seductive.

An exceptional combination for the Christmas holidays.



Lentils served with a saffron jelly and a sauce made of sun dried apricot.


Batàr is one of Italy’s iconic white wines. Its unrivaled textural beauty and vibrant minerality reveal gracefully over time.

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