A Californian Sanctuary

La Quinta Resort

Palm Spring – U.s.A.

I guess you have heard about this place already because I know it’s pretty famous. And for sure it worths its celebrity at the 100%.

This is a Waldorf  Astoria desert hideaway Resort dotted with pools, tennis courts and golf courses. The elegantly appointed houses with fireplaces in each room and perfect grounds make you feel like you are in heaven.

And to watch the amazingly huge stars in the sky while holding a glass of precious Californian wine in front of the outdoor fire is something you should have in your «at least once in your life » to -do list. I have to thank this place because they never let me down with the food.

I perfectly remember, I was with special friends of mine from Toronto, enjoying our drinks before dinner when we had some roasted crispy artichokes which were amazing.

Then for dinner they arranged some amazing quinoa salad and all kind of veggies you can imagine.

This Resort obliges you with a visit.

La Quinta salad official



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