Best vegan London

5 London’s Best Vegan Friendly

London has been one of the first city in the world to provide vegan food. Something that sounds normal today in Los Angeles or Singapore actually started in London.

The today’s culinary vegan scene of London and all England is very lively and, besides the large offering of street food and healthy casual places (my favorite is Farmacy by Camilla Al Fayed), there is an exciting selection of upscale restaurants serving delicious vegan menus. Not to be forgotten the afternoon teas. This British tradition has today its plant based version, like at the Café Forty One at La Suite West.

But this top five list is all about gourmet and fine dining. Enjoy the most incredible vegan dishes .. with flair.



Vegan and Vegetarian

This has been my first vegan experience in London.
I loved the location and their gourmet vegan food as well.
Definitively not to be missed.

Vegetarian and vegan in London


Vegan Fine-Dining Restaurant

A French chef making the most inspiring Vegan haute cuisine.
Enjoy the entirely Plant-based Menu.
Just amazing!

Vegan London


Vegan friendly

This elegant ‘Scandinavian style’ restaurant has a delicious vegan tasting menu.

Definitively worth a visit.

vegan friendly London


Vegan friendly

Galvin La Chapelle is not just a wonderful place to eat but also offers

a wonderful vegan tasting menu

or à la carte choice within wonderful dishes.

Remarkable vegan wines selection.

vegan friendly London


Vegan friendly

This London icon offers a small but intriguing ‘vegan carte’.

Their Michelin-starred restaurant serves ‘perfection on a plate’.

vegan London

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