Marei1998: cruelty-free fur as bulwark of distinctive elegance and modernity

Beyond lines, colors and monogram, what distinguishes a brand from all the others in today’s fashion world? His ethics, maybe?

By now, in 2023, everybody talk about fast fashion, environmental pollution and responsible fashion. But really few know what is involved in each single purchase. The data and the inquiries related to the fashion system are becoming increasingly widespread and that is why the idea, that the value of a brand can be recognized by the level of transparency and sustainability, makes its way. In the last few years – finally – most people have opened their eyes to the many truths hidden behind the glittering world of fashion and luxury. Next to environmental and social ethics, we know, even animal ethics finds a place. Animal ethics is embraced by more and more people and – just as importantly – by many companies, investors and start-up.

Fashion world doesn’t want to fall behind. In fact, for years some fashion maisons have been producing in a responsible way and in compliance with all living beings. But it is especially in the last ten years that new brands, willing to realize high quality clothing and accessories, without resorting to the use of animal-derived materials for the production, are born. We are talking about companies with a precise ethics: to realize clothing for a modern person, while respecting human beings, environment and animals.

Marei1998 represents a prodigious example: outerwear and handmade bags, in the name of sustainability and vegan materials. Marei1998 is a brand based in New York, born in 2015, which takes its name from her founder Maya Reik, class 1998. In 2019, Marei1998 even became an official member of PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals). This is a great recognition for the brand, which proves to be worthy of its own promise of not compromising animal welfare. The brand has conquered many women among which the famous singer Ariana Grande and Bella Hadid, American supermodel who has walked for the most famous fashion Houses in the world. Recently, Ariana and Bella have been immortalized while they wore eco faux coat branded Marei1998.

Who said that fur can not be trendy if vegan?
If fashion destiny is to come back and repeat itself forever, this is not the case of fur. Indeed the future will go in the opposite direction: fox, mink and beaver fur will no longer be style, elegance and value icons, indeed!

Marei1998 has only one motto: “I AM FURLESS”, a play on words that echoes the term “fearless”

Marei1998 has only one motto: “I AM FURLESS”, a play on words that echoes the term “fearless”, honoring the commitment to cruelty-free fashion. It’s a ready-to-wear and accessories label for the new era.  The house offers a signature take on enduring elegance. Each collection explores the notions of romantic old-world glamour balanced with a contemporary sense of ease. So, a classic-modernist design sensibility, uncompromising quality and respect for the planet.

Maya Reik – since the beginning – has been inspired by people, nature, travels, love, conversations and her personal evolution and she dreamt a collection which paid homage to a timeless style and to beauty of nature in a meaningful way for her generation. And her collections portray a dream that finally becomes reality: classical and feminine silhouettes, made with sustainable and vegan materials, that reduce the damage to our planet. Marei1998 works with ethically authorized factories that use high quality Faux Fur made predominantly from recycled materiales. Each piece is crafted with exceptional skill and close attention to detail.

Sophisticated silhouettes with impeccable details and eco-conscious materials like recycled nylon, vegan leather, velvet and faux fur: these are the core values on which the company is based. One more guideline is: few items but carefully chosen and high quality. Without forgetting that Marei1998 collections are picky and thoughtful, so made to last a long time and remain in the wardrobe of those who buy them forever. Marei1998 empowers individuality and embraces a mysterious and powerful feminine allure. The manner in which woman dress a Marei1998 coat reflects the qualities of the independent, involved, self-aware and environmentally conscious woman.

The collection offers the possibility to choose the most suitable item to itself. There are indeed different lines and models, longer or shorter, with or without belt, more or less elegant or sporty.
Each piece of the collection has its own identity and it can be combined with an elegant décolleté and a palazzo trousers, or it can be played down with a sneaker and cargo trousers. Certainly doesn’t lack the possibility of creating an outfit consisting of longuette skirt, Texan boots and shirt with waistcoat.
But most importantly, it’s Marei1998’s ethics. Balancing artisanal techniques with visionary applications, the brand embodies multicultural values and an eclectic approach to responsible luxury.

Photo credit: Marei1998



Anna Volpini

Anna Volpini is a content creator specialized in luxury vegan fashion. Since her youth she has been keen on fashion system and fashion publishing. This is the reason why she graduated in Communication Theory with a specialization in the Fashion Industry.
Over the years, she has become passionate about sustainability issues, so she decided to focus her thesis on how this affects the world of fashion and luxury. Her studies and interests are making her an expert for this sensitive topic which represents the future of this business: vegan fashion.
After several experiences as a copywriter and as a columnist for a communication agency in Milan, now, she is dealing with the creation of content related to luxury vegan fashion.


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