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Plant-based Gastronomic Arts Festival

Area Docks, the hub in the heart of Brescia (Italy) dedicated to gastronomy and lifestyle, will host, in collaboration with Vegan Set, an event entirely dedicated to gourmet vegetable cuisine. A catwalk of the most avant-garde talents in plant-based catering. Two days in which only the language of vegetables will be spoken in their best version: refined, contemporary and tasty.

National and international chefs will enhance their vision with exclusive menus in a mix of surprising styles. Between crunchy and savory notes, eclectic and harmonious designs, the chefs will develop two menus that will stimulate unusual emotions. The contamination between made in Italy excellence and the interpretation of international guests will lead participants to discover new culinary sensations. The event aims to celebrate and raise awareness of a new interpretation of cuisine, with an ethical and avant-garde heart. A new way of understanding food. The one in 2021 will be the first of a meeting to be held every year, in which the best plant-based chefs will follow one another proposing their ingredients, techniques and talents.

Two evenings, four Chefs and twelve courses, a carousel of ethical and creative courses created by the new apostles of vegetable cuisine.

Tora Olsson

Chef Tora Olsson

Tora Olsson, maybe more known with her Instagram name “ToraFloraFood”, is a Swedish food artist/designer with a master’s degree in food and meal science and bachelor’s degree in gastronomy. All of her food creations are plant-based, i.e. vegan. Tora is challenging the vegan cuisine, as she wants to show that vegan food is tasty, beautiful and for everyone to enjoy. Tora is traveling around the world and creating menus to luxury hotels and resorts, training the chefs and hosting experience dinners. Now she also training individual chefs online through her online courses.

Sara Bussetti

Sara Bussetti

Sara began working in the kitchen at the age of 23 as a result of a passion that did not find satisfaction in university studies of art history. In 2007 she attended the eighth upper course of Italian cuisine at ALMA-Colorno, still in its infancy, whose rector is Gualtiero Marchesi. In her professional career, many excellent collaborations and many travels around the world between Spain, Russia, Miami, New York, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam thanks to her activity as a private Chef. In recent years she has refined her training at Clinique la Prairie, in Switzerland, world leader in the promotion of longevity also connected to food, first as a second in the kitchen for 3 years and then as an executive chef for 2 years at the head of a brigade of 25 cooks. The love for wild ingredients, for fresh products, wild herbs and flowers, the use of spices, the development of techniques that do not alter the raw material, kindness and delicacy, the use of the mind before use of latest generation machinery are the essence of her style.

Pauline Steiner

Pauline Steiner

It is an understatement to call cooking as Pauline Steiner’s passion, because cooking is her life. The 34-year-old French chef found the meaning of her life at a young age, from her grandmother’s kitchen. With the heart of an explorer, having learnt some great lessons from the kitchens of Ducasse, Rostang Sandorens, Rathgeber and other household names, Pauline put everything behind to re-learn cooking in Asia, and to discover new flavours from all the Asian ingredients. After 10 years of adventure in Asia, Pauline has become more mindful of nutrition and the power of food. The butcher’s daughter has now found her call – being vegan. Vegetables and fruits now come with a whole new meaning in her cooking, Pauline wants to promote healthy eating and raw-food in her own recipes. For her, good nutrition is the base of good health. Pauline Steiner now combines her culinary knowledge at Orta in Bordeaux, where you can get a taste of her adventure.

Luca André

Luca Andrè crediti Andrea Tiziano Farinati 1 copia

Luca Andrè is a teacher of innovative gourmet cuisine at the FunnyVeg Academy in Milan. He acquires the genes of skill in the kitchen from his grandmother; When he was very young he joined her to learn the art, which he perfected in 2000 by graduating from the hotel school of San Pellegrino Terme. He follows the indispensable and hard apprenticeship, which transforms him from a good cook into an excellent chef, in the most important restaurants in Lombardy, including starred ones. And then the veg turning point, which leads him to experiment on himself also fruitarism and raw food. In 2013 the opening of the Soul Kitchen in Turin, the first vegan restaurant in Italy to have a wide raw food choice on the menu, of which Luca is the owner and chef, and since 2015 consultancy in the catering sector.


Growers of sustainable micro vegetables and short chain edible flowers. First Vertical Farm of Brescia.

In the world of Fine Wines, Querciabella stands out for world-class vegan winemaking in tune with the land and the natural environment.


The Champagne domain founded in 1872 with a profound respect for Nature and for the terroirs.  All the Leclerc Briant champagnes released onto the market are certified as vegan.

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