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Toronto – Canada


When I tried Planta it was a ordinary monday evening at 6,30 and it was almost packed . That surprised me a lot… what does it happen on a Saturday night? As soon as I tried their food and enjoyed the super efficient service I realized the reason of such a great success.

This lovely spot in Toronto celebrates innovative cuisine without the use of any animal products and its cuisine, captained by talented Chef Michael Parubocki, truly delighted my non-vegan friends. 

The restaurant’s vision is to celebrate innovative cuisine in a beautiful environment without the use of any animal products.

I loved the water with fresh lemon slices filled in your glass faultless and the full attention of the staff. But the food is the big deal here. You have a lot of choices. You can enjoy their pizza and snacks as well as their amazing large plates.

My love goes totally for their crab-cakes. They are illegal! 

I love Planta to the moon and back.


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