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When I first saw the products of Rivoli Genève, I was in a pharmacy in Bern in 2014, looking for eye depuffing patches during an exhibition. I remember a shelf filled with light blue packagings that reminded me the transparency of the sea. Attracted by this relaxing colour, I had the impression that I could trust the brand, even if I didn’t know so much about it at that time. So following only my sixth sense, I couldn’t help to buy a day and a night cream, a gift for me before coming back to Italy. That’s how our story began…it was love at first sight.

Rivoli Genève is a luxury skincare brand that believes in sustainability and skin-friendliness. Thanks to the exclusive use of vegetal and biosynthetic ingredients combined with a unique cutting-edge biotechnology, it offers to a discerning clientele a niche product range – divided into face, eyes and body care – capable of supporting, nourishing and repairing the skin for a healthy look and a natural radiance. The company is committed to make products with such benefits that represent nature’s best gifts to humanity, according to its philosophy based on the following three pillars.

Clean beauty

Only safe ingredients are selected and used according to very strict criteria that go far beyond what is required by Swiss and European regulations. In the clean formulas, any harmful or controversial substance – such as silicones, parabens, PEG, microplastics and many more – is excluded. This extensive blacklist is constantly kept up-to-date, as a consequence of the activity of Rivoli’s own scientific committee. Each product of the range has undergone a rigorous certification process to ensure that all the ingredients and processes are compliant with The Vegan Society’s and the Swiss Vegan Society’s strict requirements. This means that no animal product, by-product or derivative is used, nor testing of any sorts on animals on behalf of the company or third parties is performed. Thanks to this trusted labels, clients can be sure to get the very best of skincare.

Proven Efficacy

Stringent clinical tests are performed by an independent laboratory under medical control on finished products, in order to overcome subjective product evaluations by a panel of consumers. Efficacy is also guaranteed by the use of two patented technologies, which are the core of the brand’s excellence. ASPRivoli® (Advanced Skin Precursor) stimulates the intelligence of the skin to activate precursor ingredients transformed by the skin into molecules needed for its optimal functioning. The skin adapts the availability of them precisely according to its real-time needs, without any risk of being saturated. Additionally MLSRivoli® (Multi-Lamellar Structure) allows to develop biomimetical formulas because it imitates the natural structure of healthy skin. The result is to reinforce the skin protective barrier and epidermis hydration, which is particularly effective for dry and sensitive skin types. For this reason, Rivoli embodies the so-called concept of Beauté Intelligente (Intelligent Beauty), because the skin is stimulated from the inside to regenerate and restore its natural mechanisms.


Considering the influence beauty has on our lives, it shouldn’t be at the expenses of the planet. Being a pioneer since its foundation in 2007, even if the first product was launched in 2012, Rivoli produces in its own state-of-the-art ISO-14001 certified plant near Bern using mostly renewable energy. The family-run company was born from a joint project between two Swiss brothers, Kuno and Peter Schweikert, who still manage the business nowadays from the headquarters in Geneva. They both wanted to create an authentic Swiss brand, with apical standards in formulation and green packaging. All containers have a high recyclability grade: bottles and jars are made of glass and can be easily separated from pumps, caps or lids. In case a product requires a different material, mono material plastic or recyclable plastic is chosen. Secondary packaging is made of recycled and recyclable paper and cardboard, printed with vegetal ink, without adding any other cellophane wrapping, in order to reduce waste and therefore pollution.

Rivoli Genève is determined to look into the future of beauty: focused on innovative research and development, it is a leading brand with the safest and best-in-class treatments thanks to premium plant extracts and ASP® Technology. It will remind you of what beauty should be: vegan and green, without compromising on luxury or performance. The brand is an expression of the consciousness and ethical expectations of today’s consumers.

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