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Saorsa 1875

Have you ever been to Scotland? Put it on your bucket list, since it is a vibrant and inspiring country that is worth visiting at least once in your lifetime. There are some places that just have that certain “je ne sais quoi”. The Saorsa 1875, a gem nestled in picturesque Pitlochry right in the heart of Scotland, is one of those places. As a boutique property with its authentic styling and vegan concept, it offers accommodation for those looking for something a little different: a heaven of peace and tranquility, an oasis for friends and couples to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Its name comes from the Gaelic word meaning “freedom and joy”: and that’s what exactly you’ll find there.

The original baronial edifice dates back to the late 19th century, but with its cozy decor, contemporary furniture and modern amenities, it feels more like a home-away-from-home to relax and recharge your batteries. Every detail of the design, from the type of surfaces used to the lighting and paint colors, was selected to achieve a peaceful and inviting atmosphere for a pleasant getaway.

Its name comes from the Gaelic word meaning “freedom and joy”: and that’s what exactly you’ll find there.

The 11 individually styled rooms have their own character and charm: they are equipped with all you need for a great stay and are named after animals and birds. And these will be the only hints you can expect there, apart from the two dogs welcoming you in the lounge. It’s just a decision that felt right for the owners since they have made such a point of not putting any animal based products on the menu or anywhere else in sight except maybe as decoration.

Sandra and Jack are committed to prove that vegan hospitality can be as delightful as the traditional one, thanks to their vision of exploring the world in a peaceful, gentle and hearty manner. They would love to give you an insight into their philosophy and lifestyle, as it has been so inspiring for them. They are passionate about offering an unmatched service to their guests – vegans, vegetarians and plant-curious – as well as making an impact on the world through positive action. A few examples of this eco-friendly and cruelty-free approach? Thoughtful touches like toiletries – shampoos and soaps have a local ethical origin, cuddling your skin smoothly – and linens, duvets and towels, made of pure soft cotton from Egypt to cocoon you in every single moment. But the most distinctive feature is the excellence of fine dining.

Meals are always healthy and natural, being prepared exclusively with fresh organic ingredients from the back garden or local farmers, reducing carbon emissions and so bringing good energy to the world. Delicious dishes are handcrafted every day on-site by the resident chef, providing guests with a unique farm-to-table experience. For lunch you can choose among tasty, nutritious and filling sandwiches, burgers, and salads made from scratch without compromising on quality, whereas for dinner you can experience the restaurant’s acclaimed 5-course menu.

Meals are always healthy and natural, being prepared exclusively with fresh organic ingredients from the back garden or local farmers, reducing carbon emissions and so bringing good energy to the world.

As seasons change, so do the menu items. Since the restaurant seeks to maintain a sustainable menu and culture, it ensures to educate its guests on how sustainable farming practices work. For every dinner served, The Green Earth Appeal plants a tree on the behalf of the hotel, whose goal is to contribute to the creation of a greener world.

Saorsa 1875 is designed to help you revitalize body, mind and soul with a creative atmosphere intended to stimulate your spirit. After a day out discovering the beautiful landscape at a walking distance, in the evening you can relax reading a book taken from the amazing bookcase placed in the lounge, and just unleash your imagination. For those looking to indulge the senses, why not sip a cocktail at the bar? Drinks and appetizers are served in the comfortable dining room, where you can order an organic wine pairing or sample a variety of local vegan beers. Once a week, when the cocktail masterclass occurs, you can ditch the ordinary and join the mixologist for a more sophisticated night. 

In autumn, the hotel also hosts yoga retreats, combining mindfulness in an inviting environment with refined vegan food, for a one-of-a-kind experience that you will never forget. Even those without prior yoga experience will enjoy being able to incorporate a vegan diet into their life while strengthening both body and mind. Such occasions give participants the unique opportunity to connect with others, both new friends and old ones as they come together to break down social barriers and gain greater clarity on their yoga practice.

Staying at the Saorsa 1875 is like stepping back in time to a Scotland that no longer exists and then sleeping in the comforts of a modern luxury hotel. You’ll know you’re in the past because of the antique house, but you won’t be aware of this because you’ll be too enthralled with the offered amenities: all this will capture the hearts of history buffs as well as curious travelers. The incredibly responsive staff will make you feel right at home and ready to enjoy whatever adventures await during your stay.


Photo credit: Saorsa 1875



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