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Vegan Set is focused on plant-based gastronomy, wine and lifestyle experiences. But is also involved in promoting hotels, restaurants and brands with a cruelty-free vision, or that want to explore or refine their offering. 

Our team brings over a decade of experience in the hotel and restaurant industry combined with expertise in plant-based. Vegan Set will help you tell your story, initiate or expand your sustainability mission and characterize your sensitivity to the topic.

With knowledge of the latest plant-based international trends, Vegan Set brings tailor-made consultations for those who want to be more inclusive of vegan clients or become more sustainable and sensitive to environmental issues.

Our mission is very important to us and we carefully review each inquiry to make sure it is in line with our vision.


“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories that you tell”

Seth Godin

What can I do for you?


Do you want to insert a vegan experience for your customers?


I help hotels and restaurants to develop a strategy to approach the plant-based world in the most professional way. Vegan Set’s mission is to grant your guest an ‘animal-product free’ experience which is unique and real, not just paying lip service to the important issues.


You can’t find the right words to describe your being vegan friendly or sustainable?



Vegan Set creates written content that conveys a captivating narrative for your cruelty-free brand, the vegan friendly soul of your hotel, your attention to vegan customers or sustainability as a restaurant.


Do you want the magazines to talk about you?


PR planning and strategy to bring attention to your brand, and the environmental and sustainability issues that you care about, through Vegan Set as a platform and channel, and also with targeted press and media.


Do you want to reach a targeted audience?


Instagram content with style and class, focused on the sustainable and cruelty-free message of your hotel, restaurant or brand. All the content can also be shared with Vegan Set’s highly engaged and international audience.


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