Vegan Luxury

It's not about having vegan options, but to create a complete set of experiences. To define paths in a plant-based key.

Vegan Set will help you to acquire full confidence in dealing with the vegan niche giving you a competitive advantage. In a world that runs very fast, customer requests are becoming more and more exasperated. A targeted and personalized response is the only possible one. This is why it is important not to be caught unprepared.

What we do

Vegan Set offers consulting services for hotels and hotel groups. With a professional background of over 18 years in the world of hôtellerie and a network of the most talented plant-based chefs and selected products, Vegan Set leads the way toward a more vegan friendly hospitality.


  • Support in developing vegan friendly guest itineraries
  • Menu designing advices
  • Beverage and wine-list advices
  • Staff training
  • Marketing and public relations support


  • Elevate the vegan offer (when available) to the highest standard or create it from scratch 
  • Improve the guest experience
  • Design the bases for new revenue perspectives
  • Add the sustainabilty value


  • We have an obsessive attention to details
  • We cooperate with the best chefs and producers worldwide
  • We are always updated about the latest plant-based trend
  • Customization is everything to us





It is the details that make the guest experience truly unique. Luxury is certainly no longer synonymous with waste as it once was, the high-spending guest expectation has shifted from abundance to the search for more and more surprising and personalized details. That's why it is so important to have a staff perfectly trained and all touchpoints covered at maximum performance.

Vegan Luxury


The founder of Vegan Set, Verde Camilla Parmigiani, puts at the service of hotels a professional background of over 18 years in the world of hötellerie as Sales and Marketing Manager, Event Manager and Deputy Director.