Lefay Resort & Spa Lago di Garda

Lefay Resort & Spa Lago di Garda

Vegetarian and Vegan friendly
Gargnano – Lake Garda


As if it has always been there with its 27 acres of natural garden Lefay Resort & Spa Lago di Garda overlooks the ‘Riviera dei Limoni’ on Lake Garda. This land, beloved by the german writer Goethe, is today a sustainable destination because of this model of hospitality and innovation.

They do take it very seriously here at Lefay. Within sustainability sheets, ethical codes, the commitment in reducing the pollution and producing clean energy everything is certified.

This “Best Luxury Eco-SPA”, “Best Destination SPA” e “Most Innovative Sustainable Hotel“ (just to mention some of the latest awards achieved) strive for being sustainable in all departments. It is recent the creation of their line of cosmetics totally organic, plant-based and cruelty free. A huge investment due to the long procedure of tests and certifications. But consistency is everything to this place of excellence. 

Finally luxury, wellness and nature in one place.

Food hasn’t been obviously omitted. With the ‘Lefay Vital Gourmet’ they celebrate a gourmet cuisine, light and vital at the same time. A joy of fresh ingredients, extra-virgin oil, citrus of the Lake and aromatic herbs. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the first Chef Matteo Maenza the Restaurant ‘La Grande Limonaia’ offers, in addition to the traditional and mediterranean dishes, a light menu and totally plant based courses.

Enjoy time for yourself at Lefay Resort & Spa Lago di Garda is in anyone bucket list; not just because of the attention to details but also because, within a massage and a swim in the iconic infinity pool, being bearer of a ethical and sustainable message is truly a great feeling.





Vegetarian and Vegan

Solimago is an enchanted place by the gentle Lake Garda backcountry. 

In a sequence of secular magnolias and an endless series of other trees, flowers and glimpses … the absolute peace and the feeling you just discovered an hidden garden.

Solimago is an holiday farm. The retreat for your pure inner peace and relax moments.  

The retreat for your pure inner peace and relax moments.

It’s also a Restaurant. The cuisine is exquisitely vegetarian or vegan. You can’t pick à la carta from a Menu but you just choose if you go vegetarian or vegan. What it will be served to you is a voluptuousness escalation, according to the Chef’s inspiration. Perfect balance of consistency, flavors and beauty. 

Idyllic the organic vegetable garden with romantic view on the Solferino tower.

Solimago is the place of beauty, calmness and voluptuousness. 




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