The Right Japanese

Sushi Samba at the Venetian

Las Vegas – U.s.A.

Take note Vegans but together Japanese food addicted. I was introduced to Sushi Samba by a dear friend of mine on the occasion of our trip through Las Vegas and California.

It’s not just a restaurant but a worldwide concept and what could look like just a Japanese restaurant offers instead an extensive vegan menu. You can find it on a separate cute sheet called “Sushi Samba Vegan” which is provided with the regular menu. You will appreciate the food for its freshness and full tastes from small plates to sides and from rolls to desserts.

The service they provide is very professional, quick and kind. I tried Sushi Samba in Miami too and I received the same excellent treatment.

So if you are in Las Vegas, or anywhere around one of these amazing restaurants, and feel like craving some Japanese food this is the place to go.


A Vegan in Miami

Full Bloom Gourmet Vegan Cuisine

Miami – U.s.A. 


This is the first exclusive vegan restaurant to open in Miami.

It is run by three young Italians with a dream: to bring the Vegan philosophy to Miami. They did it, without forgetting the sparkling requested to restaurants of a city like this one. Alessandro will greet you with his Italian charm and will happily provide you any explanation or information about the menu, without saving any detail about how dishes are prepared.

The ambient is fresh, dashing and bright. Fresh flowers are on the tables. I tried it on a lunch but,  for what I have seen, it must be very impressive and romantic at night. It has an outdoor space which is amazingly beautiful.

The food is just excellent. I tried it with two friends of mine which are meat eaters and they just loved it. The dishes where tasty, freshly cooked and ingenious. In particular I loved the raw lime ice-cream.

Italians do it better when we talk about food, and Vegan food makes no exception!

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