Romantic Temple at Hanging Gardens

Hanging Gardens – Romantic Temple

Payangan – Bali

This must be in the top ten of your bucket list: a private dinner at the Romantic Temple at Hanging Gardens in Bali. The finest Vegan food in the most Romantic Setting.

An experience that will make you feel fully connected to our beloved planet and say ‘I am lucky’!

Imagine… Just you and your half in the Romantic Temple. Then feel the emotion of the Traditional Balinese Blessing Ritual. Envisage a feet massage before dinner. And then a Chef masterly cooking for you all the best delights that nature offers treated with love and goodness.

The forest will make the rest to enjoy your BalineseVegan Nights’s Dream‘.

Vegan friendly Reastaurant in Bali



Elegant as black, Tasty as Vanilla

Vanilla Black


This Restaurant, not far from the New Tate Modern, is a delight for Vegan hearts.

The service is top class, discreet but collaborative at the same time. Staff doesn’t save on explanations and grace.

The food is beyond words. So well balanced in taste and lively decorated. The Chef must be very inspired by the raw materials that is treating because every single course has an impressive personality and charm.

Very good wine list with excellent labels from France in particular. Greek oil and fresh-baked bread to welcome you.

Elegant as black, tasty as vanilla.



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