The vegan unfriendly

I just love to recommend the best spots for vegan food and I am a very patient and tolerant kind of client. But when I find myself in situations where I am offered just grilled vegetables against classy locations and very expensive bills I feel like I have to share my experience 💚

Koen Restaurant

Paratico – Italy


The location is minimalistic and modern while the food is not. No explanation of the ingredients and the owner openly expressed his dislike toward vegans.

Baglioni Hotel Cala del Porto

Cala del Porto – Italy


Luxurious five stars. The best they have to offer is grilled vegetables and pasta with tomato. I would expect something more from such a classy and upscale property.

Restaurant Baia del Silenzio

Sestri Levante – Italy


The restaurant is beautiful but they don’t even have an idea of what a vegan is. They offered me just one dish which wasn’t even good.

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