THEMOIRè: the vegan Made in Italy that sublimate
local artisans and native heritage

Made in Italy, creativity, responsibility, respect for culture and heritage, community, celebration of the life, focus on the future. These are the THEMOIRè’s key words and the pillars the brand has built his own structure and philosphy on.
The project is Italian and it was born in December 2019 in Milan, from the idea of Salar Bicheranloo and Francesca Monaco, the two founders of THEMOIRè, who make creativity from different backgrounds coexist.
The focus is to generate a positive change for people and for planet, creating a brand based on the lowest environmental and ethical impact possible.
The goal is a responsible production made from melting of expertise, mastery and creativity. To grow a brand connected with the planet, being active, conscious and true, involving people through themes and topics of social relevance.

The goal is a responsible production made from melting of expertise, mastery and creativity.

But, first of all: where does the name of the brand come from?
The name is inspired by the mythological Moires, the Greek goddesses who embody the destiny and control the mother thread of life. As Moires, THEMOIRè – through its threads – try to create a responsible product that move people make an ethical choice towards the environment, the humans being and the animals. So, a responsible product which represents a global vision based on a vegan and less polluting as possible footprint.

The research of new materials is the core of the project. In fact THEMOIRè resorts to new and innovative eco-fabrics. Those are obtained from the Nopal Cactus plant, apple industry wastes or from the leaves of pineapple. Actually, the products – which are bags and shoes, but also some pieces of clothing – are made with natural materials like Raffia or Cork (that comes from the sughera tree). And more, recycled fabrics like eco-fur, recycled nylon, recycled straw and re-born clothing fibers play a key role in the collection.

According to the pillars on which THEMOIRè is based, several are the activities and initiatives that the brand puts into practice to move in the direction of sustainability. Indeed, sustainability, recycle, ecology are essential values today.
Is fashion going in the right direction? In the past, there have been many mistakes because of the limited knowledge of these topics. Today, fashion is becoming the champion of environmental respect. We have to work in increasing the ethical way.

THEMOIRè is trying to do it by means of concrete actions.
Like for instance, “THEMOIRè Forest” represents an initiative which provides for plant a tree for each item sold in different parts of the world. So as to compensate CO2 emissions generated by the supply chain.
The brand declares that planting trees won’t be the solution, but it is an important step for the future.
There is another project which takes the name of “TOGETHER by THEMOIRè” that is composed by two different chapters, for now. The proposal aims to increase the dialogue between unique artisans around the world and the ethics of the brand. In order to enhance values like inclusion and preservation of traditions.

The second chapter is a Capsule Collection created in Antananarivo, in Madagascar, with the collaboration of a local community of 200 female artisans engaged in the processing of raffia.

The second chapter is a Capsule Collection created in Antananarivo, in Madagascar, with the collaboration of a local community of 200 female artisans engaged in the processing of raffia. This material is autochthonous and the manufacturing process is controlled and as natural as possible.
At the core of the project there is the social solidarity. The goodwill and the children’s smiles and eyes inspired the initiative from the beginning. And that’s why all the benefits arising from sales are destinated to local community. Thanks to this Capsule Collection, THEMOIRè Forest will grow in the coming years because the brand plants a tree for each product sold.
This is an initiative worthy of note in that it gives top priority to solidarity, ethic and sustainability. Since its foundation THEMOIRè focuses on the values just mentioned.

In 2022, as a matter of fact, THEMOIRè has obtained a recognition thanks to its quality and its environmental and ethical responsibility. In fact, it was Finalist for The Bicester Collection Award for Emerging Designers at the CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards 2022.
It’s clear that THEMOIRè represents a successful combination between innovation and sustainable research. And it’s directed towards a more conscious future. A constant reflection on materials, durability, quality, elegance, authenticity, shape and timeless design. The brand never stops: it’s always looking for growth and new collaborations and capsules.

Different shades characterize the brand, from white to black passing through every nuance of colour. But the lines, the shape and the design are the three most distinctive aspects of THEMOIRè.
Not to be underestimated is the design. Elegant, chic, contemporary and sustainable. But also timeless despite the constant innovation.
The bag is the flagship product of THEMOIRè, especially the Bios bag that is the best seller, a smooth and elegant maxi clutch, suitable for all occasions.
Several are the shapes and the patterns, but there is a common feature: THEMOIRè’s bags are the bags of the future in that plant-based and eco-friendly.
So, THEMOIRè has a business project endlessly and that represents the launch pad for new action and activities in favour of the environment, the animals and the world’s population.

Photo credit: THEMOIRè



Anna Volpini

Anna Volpini is a content creator specialized in luxury vegan fashion. Since her youth she has been keen on fashion system and fashion publishing. This is the reason why she graduated in Communication Theory with a specialization in the Fashion Industry.
Over the years, she has become passionate about sustainability issues, so she decided to focus her thesis on how this affects the world of fashion and luxury. Her studies and interests are making her an expert for this sensitive topic which represents the future of this business: vegan fashion.
After several experiences as a copywriter and as a columnist for a communication agency in Milan, now, she is dealing with the creation of content related to luxury vegan fashion.


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