Tora Flora vegan chef

Tora Olsson

Tora Olsson comes from Sweden and she is one of the hottest vegan chefs on the scene. She comes from the coldest part of Europe but her food has nothing to deal with the usual Northern Europe Style cliché. Her way is something you haven’t seen before because she makes food sexy. She is redesigning the plant-based food, crafting a brand new code made of sustainable approach, explosive flavors, artistic design and a dash of madness. A sort of experimental gastronomy which is totally enjoyable and concrete. Aesthetic is just a key element to Tora’s upscale trait but not the only one. For her ‘sustainable and plant-based’ are mandatory such as tasty, harmonious and elegant.

Dedicated to sourcing unprocessed seasonal ingredients in her cuisine you can find masterpieces such as ‘Vegan cream cheese flavored with thyme, infuse rutabaga with garlic and thyme, almond milk pearls and rutabaga air. Served with seed biscuits’ ‘Cognac pannacotta, blueberry salt-caramel, meringues, spun sugar’ ‘A fluffy love bomb flavor with raspberry and liquorice. Served with vegan meringue, coconut balls and raspberry pearls’ ‘Carrot/peanut patty, marinated vegetables, green pea purée’Energy ball flavored with whiskey, lime and mint

Tora Olsson has studied the Gastronomy Programme at Kristianstad University, followed by a master’s degree in Food and Meal Science and love to call herself a ‘food artist’. I couldn’t agree more. Because if you can combine emotions to a craft talent you can definitely call yourself an artist.


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