Pietro Leemann - Vegan and Vegetarian Chef at his Joia

Pietro Leemann

Pietro Leemann – Vegan and Vegetarian Chef at his Joia – Born in Switzerland in 1961, Pietro Leemann, is the first Chef in Europe to receive, in 1996, the Michelin Star for a Vegeterian Restaurant: “Joia” located in Milan.

This Chef, with a great experience in the best Italian and European kitchens and with an Asian background, because of his years of experience in China and Japan, realizes, at one point of his career, that he wants to do something different. Strong of the concept that “we are what we eat” and of the spiritual power of the food he is daily focused in creating a global harmony of tastes with full respect for the nature and its cycles.

Incredible his committment for the animals. He recently promoted a campaign against the production of the Foie Gras by creating an ethical version of this legendary course.

Such a “Joy”!




photo from the website www.joia.it/pietro-leemann/



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