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Luxury Vegan Travel Expert

Malgorzata Pietrzyk

Luxury Vegan Travel Expert

Gosia Pietrzyk is a Luxury Vegan Travel Expert who is passionate about luxury travelling and fine dining. She is vegan and her mission is to show that a vegan lifestyle can be also luxurious. Gosia prioritizes preparation and planning as the key factor to a successful and unforgettable trip. She pays close attention to details making clients’ travelling experience unique. Thanks to over 12 years of working experience in the financial sector with the most demanding clients, Gosia knows how to provide the highest level of service and meet demanding clients’ individual needs. In her quality work, Gosia combines her passion for travelling, excellent food, her ethical values and practical organizational and interpersonal skills. Her mission statement is „Impossible is nothing when it comes to meeting my clients’ specific and individual needs”. In her free time, she runs a travelling video blog on youtube called Perfect Vegan Vacation where she shares her vegan family luxury travelling experience.


Progetto senza titolo

Verde Camilla Parmigiani

Owner & Founder

Verde Camilla Parmigiani, Owner and Founder of Vegan Set, is a Vegan Luxury Specialist. She created Vegan Set in 2016 with the aim of showing that a vegan lifestyle can be synonymous with luxury. She helps hotels in creating successful plant-based experiences and support luxury vegan brands in promoting their values. She has always been very sensitive to everything related to animals and nature in general. She has been working in the hotel industry for many years as a ‘Sales and Marketing Manager’, ‘Assistant General Manager’ and ‘Deputy Director’. Having 100% plant-based experiences to offer to their customers is a strategic choice for hotels and hotel groups and she realized that there was a lack of expertise and skills in the hotel industry about this matter. Through her Vegan Set she now helps them to design services dedicated to guests with new sensibilities, but at the same time usable by all customers.


We know how hard it is to travel as vegans, especially if your expectations are very high. That’s why we know how to imagine your experiences and make them come true. We support individuals and corporates in planning trips, family vacations, couples escapes, and business trips in the easiest and coolest way. Downshifters, opulence lovers, and anything in between, we put understanding first, and then we love to guarantee the highest level of execution. Restaurants, Hotels, Private chefs, Flights, Events, Shopping, Yachts, and Experiences. All the top vegan high-end.