Montalbera vegan wine


Montalbera Vegan Wine – MONTALBERA – Castagnole Monferrato (Asti) – Piedmont


The Vegan Ruchè, even if recalls past traditions, is the Wine of the Future. I had the immense privilege of tasting it at most important italian wine event Vinitaly under the wise guide of Luca Martini (world’s best sommelier). You perceive the strong identity of this charming and sweet Wine. Macerated roses, cherish and wild strawberries. 

Montalbera, thanks to its forward-looking owner Franco Morando, is a dazzling light showing how technology and passion can create such a refined and consistent product with a cruelty free soul.

I tasted:

🌱 Ruchè di Castagnole di Monferrato Vegan

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