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Tips for a sustainable, vegan-friendly and really cool August

August is, by definition, the month of holidays, of family meals, of lunches with friends in mid-August, of festive evenings.
Now everyone talks about climate change, environmental disaster and Overshoot day. And who are we to avoid doing our part, trying to contribute to improvement of the conditions of our planet, especially now that ecological resources seem to be exhausted?
Step by step, all of us can make 2023 a more sustainable summer, friend of nature, men and animals.

The season of vibrant energy, warmth and relaxation is the perfect time to slow down and embrace a lifestyle that aligns with the joys of the summer. Days by the beach, by the pool, by boat – or under the sun – always need accessories and products which protect us and make us feel good.
By making conscious choices, we can create a positive impact on our planet and support cruelty-free lifestyle while still enjoying the sun-soaked days.

By making conscious choices, we can create a positive impact on our planet and support cruelty-free lifestyle while still enjoying the sun-soaked days.

What are the trends that peep out in our closets and in our beach bags?
There is no summer without a new swimsuit to carry with you.
Summer calls for the white and in this season of 2023, white goes hand in hand with light-blue. The combination is magical, always elegant, bright and timeless.
By now skirts are a must have and you can use them as you want. Long, short, midi, pleated, see-through, matched with a shirt but also only with the bikini.
The perfect combo is the maxi skirt Palm Spring crafted from light weight organic cotton branded Eticlò with the Riflesso Triangle bikini of Adria, an Italian brand which realizes swimwear in pure Makò cotton.

Another great must have are the slippers in all their form. Their use is not only confined to the beach life, but now it is extended also to every moment of the day, included a special dinner.
To complete the look can not miss the shoe. The Simone sandal of Vandrélaar represents a nice touch that makes the outfit suitable and perfect to all occasions.
The item that can change to better adapt to any situation is the bag: day or beach bag and perfect bag for the aperitif or for the evening.
The Patou JP tote bag is perfect for a day at sea. It is in 100% raffia, it is capacious, comfortable and chic at the same time. The bag also exists in the mignon version for those who are very good in the organization of their own bag.
It is not necessary a change of look for the evening. It will be enough to give a touch to your outfit choosing a more precious bag. With a hand work and a yarn covered with a precious crystals, the Vannifique bag of Hibourama represents a real jewels to wear.

The diktat of summer are sunglasses. Everyone can choose the model that suits their best, but the Polly Chocolate of Monokel represents an evergreen which is fine in every situation and ideal for most face shapes and sizes. A timeless design with contemporary undertones, crafted by hand using environmentally-responsible materials and practices.

During the day can not miss even the sun protection, obviously better if friend of the seas.

During the day can not miss even the sun protection, obviously better if friend of the seas. The choice must be oriented towards sunscreens that utilize natural, non-toxic ingredients to shield your skin without compromising the health of our oceans and coral reefs.
Darling is a brand Made in Italy dedicated to suncare very attentive to the environment. In fact the pack – as well as being eye-catching – is derived from sugar cane. All products of Darling are vegan e cruelty-free: you just have to choose the best sunscreen for yourself.

So, this vibrant season also presents an opportunity to make eco-conscious choices by incorporating sustainable summer products into our daily lives.
Small changes can make a big difference, and by incorporating these sustainable summer products into our lives, we can ensure that our enjoyment of the season aligns harmoniously with the well-being of the planet.

Photo credit: Eticlo, Patou, Darling, Hibourama



Anna Volpini

Anna Volpini is a content creator specialized in luxury vegan fashion. Since her youth she has been keen on fashion system and fashion publishing. This is the reason why she graduated in Communication Theory with a specialization in the Fashion Industry.
Over the years, she has become passionate about sustainability issues, so she decided to focus her thesis on how this affects the world of fashion and luxury. Her studies and interests are making her an expert for this sensitive topic which represents the future of this business: vegan fashion.
After several experiences as a copywriter and as a columnist for a communication agency in Milan, now, she is dealing with the creation of content related to luxury vegan fashion.


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