Why vegan

There are many reasons that should push a hotel to equip itself with plant-based paths dedicated to its most sensitive guests.

Vegan Customers

To satisfy the vegan customers might seems the most obvious of the reasons but it is not. It is important to understand that the vegan niche has a vertical growing and that guests who have adopted a vegan diet are often the ‘decision makers’. They are those who influence the choice of a location to the detriment of another and who speak well or badly about it.

ESG trends

Investment specialist RobecoSAM has included veganism among the 4 post-pandemic ESG trends Environmental sustainability and consequently vegetable nutrition have long been a trend in the world of hospitality but the pandemic crisis has accelerated the processes and increased the expectations of customers in this regard.

Food choices

The École Hôteliere de Lausanne also recently highlighted how crucial it is to focus on new customer perceptions arising from the pandemic and how this will have a major impact on customers’ food choices.

Lifestyles and health

A plant-based proposal lends itself perfectly to the satisfaction of new needs such as those related to allergies, intolerances, flexitarian and healthy lifestyles.

Image boost

Indifference to environmental issues does not pay. Instead, sensitive entrepreneurship pays. The image of the hotel is absolutely refreshed in the eyes of present and future customers and in the eyes of investors.





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