Vegan wines

Vegan wines

Vegan Wines – According to Food experts the best way to enjoy a meal is with water. Because water is plane and doesn’t alterate the taste. But we all know they are lying. The best way to enjoy a Great meal is with a Great wine. And for the best Vegan food I want the best Vegan Wine.

Most of the people is not aware of all animal products routinely used in winemaking. Gelatin, Carmine, Casein … all agents used to clarify your wines.

But don’t worry. There are good news.

First of all the best Champagne such as Dom Perignon and Moet et Chandon are Vegan.

And many Wineries have started producing excellent Vegan Labels.

I met the producers, I tasted their wines and now I am happy to share with you my impressions.


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