According to Food experts the best way to enjoy a meal is with water. Because water is plane and doesn’t alterate the taste. But we all know they are lying. The best way to enjoy a Great meal is with a Great wine. And for the best Vegan food I want the best Vegan Wine.

Most of the people is not aware of all animal products routinely used in winemaking. Gelatin, Carmine, Casein โ€ฆ all agents used to clarify your wines.

But donโ€™t worry. There are good news.

First of all the best Champagne such as Dom Perignon and Moet et Chandon are Vegan.

And many Wineries have started producing excellent Vegan Labels.

I met the producers, I tasted their wines and now I am happy to share with you my impressions.


🍷ย Quadra

🍷 Montalbera

🍷ย Feudi di Guagnano

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